Tea Infuser Mug & Tea Set

The LA ROCHERE Tea Infuser Mug & Tea Set offers a luxurious, sustainable tea-drinking experience, with a wide stainless steel filter for full aroma release and a solid wood lid sustainably sourced from French forests. Enjoy the glass paired with a unique flavor of handcrafted tea from a local artisan in Steamboat Springs, CO.

  • Glass 4.5" H/ 9 oz.
  • Glass tea jar filled with handcrafted herbal body products made with dried or ground botanicals and other natural ingredients

Tea Flavors: 

  • Hello Lovey Tea: Ingredients: Lemon Balm*, Rose Hips*, Chamomile*, Hibiscus*, Lavender*, Rose*   (*organic)
  • Taste of Sunshine Tea: Ingredients: Black tea leaves (Ceylon), Lemon Peel*, Lavender Flowers*. (*organic)
  • Mountain Chai: Ingredients: Black tea leaves (Ceylon), ginger*, cinnamon, cardamon, star anise*. (*organic)