Handmade Local Drinking Tea

Savor the handcrafted refinement of Local Drinking Tea from Steamboat Springs, CO. Our drinking teas are artisanally made by local experts, ensuring every cup of herbal infusion is of the highest quality, made with dried or ground botanicals and only the purest natural ingredients. Enjoy the luxury of a unique tea experience.

  • Glass tea jar filled with handcrafted herbal body products made with dried or ground botanicals and other natural ingredients

Tea Flavors: 

  • Hello Lovey Tea: Ingredients: Lemon Balm*, Rose Hips*, Chamomile*, Hibiscus*, Lavender*, Rose*   (*organic)
  • Taste of Sunshine Tea: Ingredients: Black tea leaves (Ceylon), Lemon Peel*, Lavender Flowers*. (*organic)
  • Midnight Moments Tea: Ingredients: Chamomile*, Oat Straw*, Lemon Balm* (*organic)